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Giant Stained Glass art
Sailor Moon Stained Glass by CandiPhoenixes
Gardevoir Stained Glass by CandiPhoenixes
Stained Glass larger than 1000x1000pxl and super detailed.
Spring Commissions!
RQ8- Easter Egg Hunt by CandiPhoenixes
RQ1- The Duo at Easter by CandiPhoenixes
RQ2- Melody's Easter Basket by CandiPhoenixes
Commissions for springtime. 
Difficult Commissions- Multiple characters, effects and backgrounds
Comic cover by CandiPhoenixes
Winter Reindeer by CandiPhoenixes
Happy Birthday ShadougeSwag by CandiPhoenixes
These commissions will be $5/500:points: per hour per difficulty
Medium Difficulty Comms: One Complex Character
Candi's New Possible Look by CandiPhoenixes
Cataclysik Black and white by CandiPhoenixes
These will cost $2.50/250:points: per hour per difficulty.
Easy Commissions- Pencils and inks of non-complex Characters
Candi's Character Sheet (With Emotions) by CandiPhoenixes
These commissions will currently cost 100:points:/$1 per hour and per difficulty.
Stained Glass Art
Espio Stained Glass by CandiPhoenixes
Gardevoir Stained Glass by CandiPhoenixes
Sailor Moon Stained Glass by CandiPhoenixes
Get a Stained Glass commission for $3.
Basic webcam sized pic format (1000x1000 px)
Stained Glass Style Badges
Candi Sample Stained Glass Badge by CandiPhoenixes
Convention Badge style stained glass. $5 each for 1000x1000px or $8 for larger size 
20 point Icons
Pixie Fish Icon by CandiPhoenixes
Gwen Harijuku by CandiPhoenixes
Late Night Nature Hike by CandiPhoenixes
Icons for sale 20:points: or $0.20.

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A current listing of pieces I've drawn, inked and colored. Check it out some time!


My all time favorite pieces from Various Artists.

JK Icon by CandiPhoenixesVlass Icon by CandiPhoenixesCandi Icon by CandiPhoenixesMirabeau Icon by CandiPhoenixesIcon Commish3: Lance by CandiPhoenixesIcon Commish1: Jessenia by CandiPhoenixesIcon Commish2: Zack by CandiPhoenixesIcon4: Jessica by CandiPhoenixesIcon1:Myst by CandiPhoenixesIcon1: Krys by CandiPhoenixesIcon2: Nightsaber gift by CandiPhoenixesIcon1: Sinfonia by CandiPhoenixesFriend to Friend Gift Icon: Aster by CandiPhoenixesIcon2: Firesshuffler by CandiPhoenixesIcon: Fireshuffler by CandiPhoenixes

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So now that dA has pretty much permitted "unlawful theft" of others art, here's some rules about my art:

1. I only permit usage of any of my FC's or OC's in fan art, contest submissions, collabs, art trades, requests or when I permit others to do so.
2. If you'd like to feature an OC or FC of mine, you need only ask. I will permit you use them for all art EXCEPT:
-mature content pics (except for zombification)
-hate art (anti-fandom, anti-religious, etc.)
3. I will not permit tracing of my art,
but if you ask, I can provide you a free custom base to assist you with bettering yourself artistically.
4. If you don't ask my permission, all I ask is that you be decent enough to give credit if you trace one of my characters.
5. I'm not in to hounding down art thieves, but if you need help bettering your art, I can offer help and encouragement so you can do better.

My big rule for Art Thieves:
Show your true talent and never be ashamed. All artists don't start off as professionals or with a golden, magical paintbrush in their hands, they started off drawing stick figures, but got better with time and practice. Sure it's not easy to have the patience to try and learn, but you'd be surprised what you can discover and accomplish just by trying out a form of art. There are so many art forms out there to try and....who knows, you may be good at making fancy cookies, or making cute jewelry, you just have to try. :)

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So, just to let people know I have cancelled commissions on dA til further notice (blame the rude people and art slavelords for that), however, I will still take notes for commissions on here and other sites if you ever want to commission me for a piece. My other art commission info site is…, my FA page, Weasyl page and Inkbunny page still offer commissions as well (since people on those sites are decent).

CPCandi Emoticon-Gleeful by CandiPhoenixes


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Artist | Varied
United States
Kid Candi Id by the Amazing :iconccgonzo12:
Candi ID by CandiPhoenixes

Current State of Residence: Washington State

Ok so here's some likes and dislikes on certain subjects brought up to me via comment,
notes, etc.

:star: Why do draw Sonic all the time? I hate Sonic (insert improper terminology here):
:bulletblue: First of all, I primarily draw Sonic characters/fan characters because it is what I am best attributed to drawing. I can draw other things like My Little Pony, and for those of you who are fans of niether Sonic nor Ponies I can also draw human and -like characters (to a certain extent), Anthros (feral and normal), Monsters, Chibis, Non-Anthro animals, cartoon characters from other shows (eg, Adventure time, 90's cartoons, 80's cartoons, hanna barbara animal characters), Creepy noir pics and mythical creatures.

:star: I hate your guts.:
:bulletblue: Cry me a river, build a bridge and GET OVER IT! I've had people say that they hate my guts 2154 times in my life and possibly counting. Trust me I ain't (one of very few times I'll use incorrect terminology to get a point across) phased by this. You can say you hate me, but I'll block you, flag you and delete your hate notes. I am not going anywhere soon so don't bother.

:star: Why is most of your material on here primarily family-friendly? :
:bulletblue: I stick with kid and Family friendly pics because that's what I stick to. Most of my fan-base and friends are primarily younger groups and several families. I will occassionally draw pics with very subtle innuendos, very minimal blood, mild comic violence, slapstick comedy, but I will only go that far. However, I will draw PG-13 pieces and post them on my FurAffinity account. If you want my less family-friendly material, check out CandiCockatiel (my FA name).

:star: Do you take requests, commissions, art trades, kiribans, ACEOs, etc.?:
:bulletblue: As a matter of fact I do accept commissions, ACEOs, Adoptable customs, Kiribans. I have a journal that shows what services are open, what each of the services offer, and costs (:points: or $) of commissions and non-prize art packages. It will also feature new services being offered and a current check list of people who are awaiting pics or pics from art-trades and collabs I'm waiting for. I also have the current service statuses up in the point donation box.

:star: How much experience at this do you have? :
:bulletblue: I have 20 years of self-experience (you heard and saw right), 1 year of digital design experience gained in high school, and 6 months culinary arts experience (professional). I started drawing traditionally since I was two and have had alot of practice over time. The experience with computer rendered art started back in early 2005 and since then I have greatly improved.

:star: Can I add you to my facebook, skype, wikia page, etc.? :
:bulletblue: I don't mind just as long as I know you completely either online or offline. I generally allow friends, close friends and family to add me. If you are a complete stranger or someone I've just met, I'll have to get to know who you are before I add you.

:star: I drew a gift for you. :
:bulletblue: I absolutely adore gifts and fanart. All I ask is that if you plan on including my character in a contest entry or another pic for someone, ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST. I would hate to see a pic be shot down because you are being accused of theft or you didn't get my permission.

Paypal: Only revealed to interested Clients.

Personal Quotes: even though life's confusing, you just have to make it through life's maze.
A true artist shows their worth by how much experience they've gain, not by the treasures they recieve.

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