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Coconut Meringues by TheSkyWeepsAtNight

Vision: I like that the viewpoints and piece are visually appealing with a simple appearance and features a subtle elegance. The meringues look light and airy, and the plate with the heart patterned plate added a nice touch of color.
Originality: While there are many images of Coconut Meringues, yours look like they could be part of a cookbook or a dessert's magazines.
Technique: It seems as if you put alot of emphasis on the meringues in the pic, although, it could use some space between the camera and the dessert itself (1 foot max, 6 in. min). When taking pics of one dessert, be sure to show a full view of the plate and content as well to show exactly how many of the meringues are on the plate, or try to show various views points.
Impact: As far as the impact, it could use a slight touch of color that'll meld with the meringue and help them stand out more.
Overall: It looks good, but for showing a product, it needs a little bit of matching coloration and slight space moderation to sell the product. Also, shape variation helps pique merchant's intrigue as well.
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TheSkyWeepsAtNight Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the critique!
CandiPhoenixes Jan 17, 2013   General Artist
You're very welcome. ^^
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