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I am doing half priced commission services

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I do $ Commissions:
:bulletorange:$5 (500 :points:) for a basic pic with just inks, signature and no color. (Be sure to notify me of who or what you'd like drawn)
:bulletyellow:$ 10 (1000 :points:)  and up for a basic full colored pic with signature.
:bulletwhite: Giant pics for $15 ( 1200 :points:) .
:holly: $5 (400 :points:) holiday/birthday gift package (includes: 3 full color pics, 2 B&W pics, 1 sketch, 1 card with personalized greeting and recipients name (via mail)
:star: Commission deals can occur during holidays or I can do half-priced commissions as birthday, anniversary or graduation gifts. (look for deals during holidays in the 411 Journal) *Ask about Special Event commissions*
:new: ACEO Cards will run from $2 (160 :points:) to $5 (400 :points:) depending on details and materials used.
The items above are all hand-drawn and colored
:new:  $5 (400 :points:) black and white/$10 (1000 :points:)  full colors (digital).
**Send money in full first to ensure I can start your commission. :( No money (or points equivalent), No $ Commission. :(**
I accept money via mail, paypal or the points equivalent on dA.
Paolo Margay by CandiPhoenixes
Tikka Cobra sketch by CandiPhoenixes
Nights in Nightopia by CandiPhoenixes
Headless Horseboy by CandiPhoenixes
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I do :points: Commissions for 15 and up :points: (any size, art medium, # of characters and background)
:holly: 10 :points: per holiday/birthday gift package (includes: 3 full color digital pics, 2 B&W digital pics, 1 dA ID, 1 card and 1 avatar. Also comes with personal greeting.(dA only)
:star: I will do a half-off special for holidays.
Entry for the WWF contest by CandiPhoenixes
Character Statue mesli by CandiPhoenixes
Fan Pics:
Spyro at the Fireworks Factory by CandiPhoenixes
Merry Lil' AdventureTime Holidays by CandiPhoenixes
Faerie Dragon Halloween by CandiPhoenixes
Winter Glen LuckDragon by CandiPhoenixes
:new: ACEO Cards will run from 50 to 100 :points: depending on details and materials used.
Bouncy Bat ACEO Card by CandiPhoenixes
* Put points in the donation box first so I know who's sent me :points: for their commissions*
Requests - Open by SweetDuke
Requests are always open for those who'd like one.
Be sure you:
:bulletgreen: Send a comment asking for either an:
:star: Icon request
Free Easter Chick Avvie by CandiPhoenixes
Candi-Example Avvie by CandiPhoenixes
:star: Character pic request
:star: Contest prize request
:star: Coloring Page request
:bulletblue: Send a reference link to who or what you'd like drawn
I will normally send them by note and it'll take anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours (depending on detailing).
Trades - Open by SweetDuke
Art Trades are always open to anyone wanting to trade art.
Whenever you want to do an art swap be sure you:
:bulletpurple: leave a comment as to who or what you want me to draw, leave a link of Character and tell me if you need a Character pic to fulfill your end of the trade.
:bulletred: Notify me once you've completed your "trade art" and leave the link of the pic so I can know if I can trade pics with you.
Gifts - Open by SweetDuke
Gifts are always open and are distributed at any given time. I also do friend to friend gift requests for those who like to surprise their friends during holidays or special events.
The requests rules also apply to the friend to friend gifts although you need to notify me of who the gift is going to.
:holly: Holiday/birthday Friend to Friend Gifts are free. (chose up to 3 pic types and a personalized greeting.)
Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke
Collaborations are open to anyone who would like to work on a collaborative image project along side of me.
If you're interested, just notify of:
:bulletpink: what pic you are wanting me to draw or color
:bulletwhite:what characters and background you want me to draw, if you'd like me to do the drawing portion
:bulletblack:what the colors of the characters and background are, if you'd like me to the coloring portion
:new: Adoptables and online collectables :
A new updated list of items I offer per season.
For fall the following are available:
:star: autumn character statue ID
:star: autumn leaf medal ID (features a gold maple leaf with an etching of character emblazoned on it)
Holiday items available this month:
:star: trick or treat character statue (features character in a costume of your choice)
:star: candy figure character statue (halloween)
:new: :star: thanksgiving character statue
:new: I also have a sale on my custom adoptables. 60 :points: per. Just tell me what character type you have in mind and I'll create it.

Rules for services
:star: Please have requests, commissions, etc. stay appropriate. Keep it PG- PG-13 rated.
:star: I will do the follow for pics:
:bulletred:  Slapstick comedy, bloodless violence (I will do minimal blood for certain pics), battle practice, special event/holiday/scene, scary pics (more kid friendly pics will feature slightly scary characters), mythical, characters from cartoons, ocassional human character pics (yes, I've gotten better at drawing humans).

Below is the current project :iconcheckmarkplz:list. It will be checked frequently so I know who's kept up with their part of the bargain and who hasn't.  * exception on requests and gifts.*

Current Service Requests:

:star: Requests :star:
:star: $ Commissions :star:
:star: :points: Commissions :star:
:star: Art Trades :star:
:star: Gifts :star:
:star: Collaborations :star:


The Holiday Packages service is now open. I will start up on them early in order to complete them on time. If you're interested in requesting a gift for someone or an art package, notify me of what you'd like drawn in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years 2013.
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